Cut, color, updo, redo or a new you.


Kevin Hutchinson has more than 30 years of experience, two art degrees and incredible people skills. Communication is important, and he makes sure that he and his clients are speaking the same language. “Feather my hair” can mean 10 different things to 10 different people. Kevin takes the time to understand exactly what outcome his clients desire.

He also knows what types of hair and face shapes can pull off which styles. He has an excellent grasp of color and knows what your hair can and cannot do. He will also coach you about how to style your hair at home and make it clear how long it will take each morning to maintain the look you want. There’s no sense in getting a style your lifestyle does not fit with. Kevin wants you to be happy with the results, not just as you walk out the door, but every day that follows.

With regard to children, his rules are simple. The child needs to want to be there. And the parents need to know that it may not be perfect, simply because children have a hard time being perfectly still. That said, as a parent and grandparent, he’s great with kids.